- Since granting its first Doctor of Medicine degrees in 1975, the Warren Alpert Medical School has become a national leader in medical education and biomedical research. By attracting first-class physicians and researchers to Rhode Island over the past three decades, the Medical School and its seven affiliated teaching hospitals have radically improved the state's health care environment, from health care policy to patient care. - Apart of Vice Digital. Art Fucks Me was founded in 2010. Art Fucks Me is the place for us to collect all the nice stuff we find out there in the internet. It is not about art in general, but about everything appealing our senses. - Folkmade is a student-run initiative dedicated to crafting the story
of student artisanship on College Hill. We celebrate the homegrown makers of the Brown, RISD, and Providence communities. - Artist and Scientists as Partners (ASaP) is an interest group that advocates for research exploring diverse medical and arts practices for persons with Parkinson’s Disease and Autism Spectrum Disorders. We advocate for the recognition of the value of the arts within a holistic healing approach. - Brown Visual Art Homepage - David Winston Bell Gallery - Rhode Island School of Design Galleries - Rhode Island School of Design Photography Department - Brown University Men's Rugby Team