During my first year of medical school, I expected to work with and even dissect cadavers. I remember one particular day in October of 2016, we were given a 89-year-old, gray-haired, male cadaver; a widower who didn’t look his age. We called him “sir”. The assignment: to completely bisect him. I looked around the room as my fellow classmates sawed through torsos, and the experience struck me as simultaneously jarring, surreal, and dare I say exhilarating? I felt excited to finally observe up close the structures that I had spent weeks learning, for the opportunity to see them in real life, in the flesh, as opposed to just in textbook photos and diagrams. In hindsight, I realize my dissociation from the reality of that moment. I had made this person, a recently living human being, into a piece of flesh to be examined and poked. The beauty of the human body changed into slabs of meat. Sawing through another human’s flesh and bone changes you in a irreversible way. Understanding the finite line between life and death, person and object, morbid curiosity and academic interest, respect and irreverence.

My recent work serves as a way for me to process the emotions and desensitization I carried with me as I left that anatomy lab, and subsequently all that I left medical school with. It has become a way for me to assimilate back into normal life. It separates the body from the person, a symptom as only a part of an illness, objects for learning as opposed to living beings. My photographs represent the shock of a body that has been probed and prodded, juxtaposed and placed into an ordinary landscape, just as I now navigate my life away from science.


“I didn’t see his face until I peeled it off” (1/3), 2019

“I didn’t see his face until I peeled it off” (2/3), 2019

“I didn’t see his face until I peeled it off” (3/3), 2019


“Westport, MA”, 2018

“Emerald Necklace Conservancy, MA”, 2018

“Emerald Necklace Conservancy, MA”, 2018

“Twin Lodge Ponds, ME”, 2018

“Twin Lodge Ponds, ME”, 2018

“Wolf Hill Forest Preserve, RI”, 2018

“Johnston, RI”, 2018

“Arcadia Management Area, RI”, 2018

“Snake Den State Park, RI”, 2018

"Provincetown, MA", 2017

"Fort Wetherill, RI", 2017

"Embryo", 2016, Archival Inkjet Print