Artist & Photographer





Erick Guzman graduated from Brown University in 2016 with two degrees: Honors Bachelor of Arts in Visual Art, and a Bachelor of Arts in Health & Human Biology. Due to Brown's close relationship with the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), Guzman has the privilege to take advanced film and digital photography classes at RISD with top industry professionals.   

Employing a mix of photography and digital media, Guzman's work explores the post-analogue experience - society’s interactions with the digital world and its relationship to our natural origins. Guzman scrutinizes the influence of the information age, and explores his theme through a combination of photography and digital media, examining in his most recent works how we encounter, translate, and understand our surroundings through the filter of science, the supernatural, religion, race, ethnicity, and the Chicano experience in the 21st century . Guzman seeks to understand our curious habitation of the 21st century world through the juxtaposition of nature and the digital domain. 

Attracting growing attention in the past few years, Guzman’s work has been featured in multiple magazines on Brown's campus ranging from Somos, a Latino Literary Magazine, to that of Unhemmed and Fashion at Brown, the university's most prominent Fashion magazines. Covering a broad base of interests, his work has been seen/exhibited by various organizations both on and off campus. He was recently featured in a website promoting young artists in the area,, which recently features his art and sells limited edition prints of selected photographs. In addition, he was featured on a Vice Digital affiliated website, Art Fucks Me, which targets a Millenial audience (18 to 34), from a global to local level. In addition for his hopes of becoming a future Emergency Room physician, Guzman hopes to captivate people from across a broad set of passions, religions, ethnicities, genders, ages, etc., he hopes that his relation to the digital era will allow for his work to transcend the traditional gallery space. 

Guzman plans to be both a practicing Visual Artist and an Emergency Room Physician when he finishes his professional studies. Erick Guzman currently lives and works in Providence, RI.